• Ktec offers a wide range of environmental services. Our company has safely completed numerous Site Investigations, Risk Assessments, Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Studies, and Remedial Action Plans. We have designed, constructed and completed remediation for contaminated dust, soil, and groundwater.
  • Properties can involve complex environmental issues such as regulatory compliance, asbestos, hazardous materials, leaking underground storage tanks, contaminated soil and groundwater, contaminated dust, air quality, stormwater permitting, spill prevention control and countermeasures and vapor intrusion.
  • Through understanding historic site uses, completing environmental site assessments, asbestos surveys and on-site remedial activities we help you understand your pathway forward.

Ktec Environmental Consulting, is a sole proprietor LLC,  located in Salem, Oregon for over eighteen years.

Kathleen Thorpe, Principal, has more than twenty-seven years of experience evaluating, assessing, estimating and implementing cleanup solutions for many varied environmental projects.

Kathleen’s involvement in these projects has been comprehensive and includes all aspects of site investigation, project management, budget preparation and management, report production and review, interactions with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, city, county and other regulatory agencies, attorneys, vendors, and clients.

Kathleen is a problem solver.

Some of our great clients:

  • City of Carlton
  • City of Mt. Angel
  • City of St. Paul
  • Oregon State Police
  • Salem-Keizer School District
  • Salem-Keizer Education Foundation
  • Silver Falls School District
  • Ten-Mile School
  • Mallorie’s Dairy
  • Mountain West Investments-
    • Boise White Paper
    • CTEC
  • Oregon Logistics
  • Otis, the Gateway to the Coast
  • Reforestation Services Inc.
  • Garrett Hemann Robertson
  • Riddell Williams