burner in shopWe work with clients from residential to multi-national corporations and governments. No project is too big or small for our company to handle. With a safe, trustworthy, honest, professional work ethic our people ensure projects get done safely the right way the first time at the correct cost. Our company has over 25 years in the industry.

Every property has the potential to be environmentally impacted. We have the knowledge and experience to alert prospective real estate buyers to potential environmental issues. We also help current property owners manage environmental impact issues and restore value to an impacted property. We routinely work with regulators such as the Oregon DEQ and others to manage projects and keep costs down.

Ktec has extensive experience with CERCLA, FIFRA, RCRA, TSCA, contaminated soil, vapor intrusion, HAZWOPER, Asbestos, good stewardship practices, analytical, wells, drilling, soil and groundwater monitoring and remediation, indoor air quality, hazardous and Non-Hazardous regulated waste management, unregulated dumpsites, Environmental Site Assessments Levels I, II and III. ASTM E1527 – 13 standards, Historical site usage, AST, UST, LUST, underground storage tanks, aboveground storage tanks, leaks, spills, and accidental release.

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Ktec serves all of Oregon.